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[October, 1989] Unsent Letters Part 1: Cursing in Russian


Dear Journal,

I got my perm after all and I have a few letters that I want to write to fill you in on what has been happening to me lately…


some letters are better left unsent

Dear Tolya,

Remember the sleepover we had when we went to Alana’s party at the roller skating rink the next day? Well I just wanted to tell you that I think your friend Peter is a bad influence on you because whenever he’s around and even when he’s not around you act like a very imature person. All of the sudden you start cursing in Russian and acting like a fool.

Also I am grateful that you did so many nice things for me like helping me with my campain for president (really my flyers). But every time I don’t want to do something for you, you act as if you gave me a million dollars and I had to be your slave forever to pay you back. I don’t like it atall.

Although you helped me materialy I helped you too but non-materialy like listening to your problems and giving you advice.

I hope you change fast because the way you are acting if you don’t change soon, you will lose me as a friend.

Make the choice.

Either you change your attitude or you have one less friend.


…   …   …

Dear 11-year-old Damiella,

At least this time it wasn’t bad poetry.

Tolya was entering his teenage years, so cursing, acting like a fool, and having an attitude is not out of the ordinary. You should see the attitude you’ll be sporting in a couple of years.

P.S. That perm was a really bad idea.

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