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[March, 1990] Eat Your Heart Out



Dear Journal,

Today I went to a park with Rose and Rose’s friend Lauren and we had a really great time.

But the really good part was that I saw a really cute guy!

Then I found out that his name is Donald but I call him Donnie (like Donnie from New Kids on the Block!).

Anyway, I also found out that he likes me!!!

I gave him my telephone number and he might call me to ask me out!!!!!!!!!!

He is so adorable!!!!!!!!!!

Mitchell R,

Eat Your Heart out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Donald/Donnie never called. Maybe because he didn’t appreciate having a nickname foisted on him like that, especially one that recalled one of the most mocked boy bands of the last 25 years. Or maybe he didn’t call because of my dubious music taste.

Once again, I’m a bit baffled that I thought nothing of continuing a friendship with the girl who agreed to go out with the boy who broke my heart. It’s as if I separated the deed from the people involved, or just took all the bad feelings and projected them at Mitch, since he was the one who took actions to make me feel so terrible. Maybe I saw Rose blameless in all of this because I could see why she’d want to go out with him, I had once been charmed by the gelled hair, pale blue eyes, and rosy cheeks myself.

One thing I’m glad I don’t remember is anything about the encounter with “Donnie.” The very idea of what my 12-year-old self on the rebound must have been like makes me cringe.

  1. January 28, 2010 at 1:31 pm

    Man. Noone asked me out until I was 14! haha

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