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[December 1992] Dreams: Part II



Tuesday, December 29, 1992

Alright it is now time for my annual tradition of… New Years Resolutions! Yes boys and girls, these are the outrageous promises you make and never keep! Let us have a moment of silence…..

Okay, here goes!

1) Lose Weight (how much? Enough)

2) Be nicer and more respectful of my parents (They made me write that. Just kidding!)

3) Be more considerate of others.

4) Be less sarcastic (maybe even a little less cynical).

5) Do unto others…

6) Get a boyfriend. (?)

Well Didi’s comin’ over tomorrow. See ya!

If my New Year’s resolutions were adapted into a film, it would star Bill Murray and a groundhog. Except that I wouldn’t go about things in such a deadpan way (what’s the opposite of having a poker face? Because that’s what I have) and certainly wouldn’t chase after Andie MacDowell (no offense, she’s just not my type). But making the same mistakes over and over again and trying to learn from them? That’s pretty much the theme of my teen years (okay, and some of my 20’s too).

Well at least I was finally recognizing the futility of those resolutions.  After not one, not two, but THREE nearly identical lists, it was time to start getting a clue. I do enjoy the fact that I used sarcasm in item 2) in light of item 4) (unintentional irony? I prefer to give my 15-year-old self the benefit of the doubt this time). Being less sarcastic is a resolution I have not kept to this day, with no regrets. What surprises me is that I referred to myself as cynical, since I’ve often professed myself to be one of the least cynical people you’ll ever meet. Hey wait, does that mean I actually stuck to that resolution? Hm…

In any case, hopefully I was on the way to realizing that change should come when the resolve is truly there, not when a calendar dictates it to be there. Or to take stock more than once a year.

(And I can only hope that the question mark after item 6) indicated that I was finally starting to realize what a goofy thing it was to put on a list of resolutions.)

  1. August 24, 2010 at 1:33 pm

    I vote for MORE sarcasm.

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